I was drawn into the Stargate fandom via the internet. I had seen the original Stargate movie many years ago and when I came across some fan fiction stories that continued the adventures of the Stargate explorers, I was intrigued. I quickly realized that there was a Stargate television series being shown on Showtime (now on the Scifi channel), with episodes broadcast regularly on network television. I tuned in and soon became a loyal fan of the show. The next step for me of course was the artwork which I present below. Hope you enjoy.

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What's New:

Older Drawings: 

Illustrations from the Stargate zine "Suicidium".
Author DawnC, published by AllGen Press

Suicidium Cover

Daniel and Thugs

Jack finds Daniel

Daniel & the wedding cup


Daniel in the Cave

Team on the cliff

In the Infirmiry

Daniel is arrested

Teal'c confronts the Colonel

I got ya

Dinner for Four
Even Older: 

"Daniel Dreams"

"Cheer Up"

"Look What I Found!"


" Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms" -
George Eliot

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