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I've been a fan of The Sentinel for some years now and like so many others, discovered this television show first through the internet and fan fiction. The show was cancelled a few years ago but lives on in the stories created about the main characters, Jim Ellison (a cop with enhanced senses, the Sentinel) and Blair Sandburg (anthropologist, sidekick and guide). Some time ago, a request for a drawing on one of the Sentinel lists motivated me to participate a little more actively. I decided that since I have no talent for writing about them, I could try drawing them.

To look at the drawings, click on the thumbnails below.

What's New:

I haven't been doing to much Sentinel artwork lately, but never say never.
I have been spending time in the Supernatural fandom :-)

I have a Supernatural art blog at


and an even newer art blog that includes all my non-fandom artwork.


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Older Drawings

Desperate Journey - Cover Page

Senses of Wonder Drawings

Desperate Journey Illustration

Dark Alley

Fourth of July

Sacrifices and Miracles

Jim - Sentinel of the City

Then Come the Wild Weather1


Soldier of Fortune cover
Soldier of Fortune - cover

SoF - interior1 

SoF - interior2

SoF - interior3

"Moonlit Reflections"

"Wake Up Call"

"Blair in a Field of Flowers"

"Spending Limit"

"A Thoughtful Blair"


"Let's Go"

"Driving Rain"



"A Hard Day at the Academy"

"For Julie"

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The Sentinel Fanart
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Supernatural Fanart

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