Welcome to my pages! I thought it was time to give my website a complete overhaul. All the old content is still here, though hopefully a little better organized and with a more coherent look (I'm still working on the coherent look part).

This site features my artwork. Eventually I'll add new links that deal with many of my other interests, like programming and 3D graphics. I have more ideas than time, so it might be slow going, but getting there will be half the fun.

To view my artwork click on the art tab above. Hope you enjoy your visit!


What's New:

Major redesign of my website

Sentinel artwork 


" Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms" -
George Eliot

The Sentinel Fanart
Stargate Fanart
Moonridge 2002
Moonridge 2004
Moonridge 2005
Cascade Con