Graphite on Bristol paper - June 2003

"Jack trotted to a halt next to the Jaffa and raised his hands. "Whoa. Easy. Daniel."

Daniel squinted at them, his glasses gone, but the lines around his eyes looked like they resulted from pain rather than blurry vision. "Stop." He jabbed with the zat. "Just stop."

-from Suicidium by DawnC


Because I was having too much fun drawing and not paying enough attention to the storyline, I originally drew Daniel in his combat gear. When my mistake was pointed out to me, I had to quickly subsitute an appropriately attired Daniel for this scene.

On the left is how I first drew Daniel. In my second try, I put him in native garb, sharpened up his features and made him look a little scruffier, then I photoshopped him into the original drawing.

Below is how the original drawing looked. I'm not really sure which I like better.