Recent Artwork

Last year I decided it would be fun to take an art class at my local community college. I wanted to take a watercolor class, but the only Saturday class was full with a long waiting list. Another offering was a Rendering class and though I wasn't sure what to expect, I signed up for it.

The course description said, "Basic techniques in sharp-focus drawing emphasizing paint media such as watercolor and acrylics". I thought that sounded pretty interesting. The syllabus proposed 4 class projects and although we finished only three, it was well worth it. I really enjoyed all the projects and I learned some great techniques, mostly in colored pencil. We didn't actually do any painting in watercolor or acrylics, but I still learned a lot.


Project #1:

Black Colored Pencil on white Coquille Board

11 x17"

Compose a collage from high contrast, good quality black and white photos, or laser Xerox copies of photos, and use this as a reference for a black and white, high contrast rendering, employing a full range of values.


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